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We carry a wide variety of Metric machine screws in the following material:

  • Galvanised
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel 304, 316
Sizes vary from 1.6mm dia to 10mm dia. Different lengths available.


With a vast stock level on Bolts and Setscrews ranging from M5 dia to M30 dia we can tend to all your needs, which makes us your friendly 1 stop shop!

Our stock comprises of the following material:

  • Mild steel Black
  • Mild steel Galvanised
  • Stainless Steel 304, 316
  • High Tensile 8.8
  • Brass

The difference between a Bolt and a Setscrew is the thread part. A bolt has a shoulder ie a part with a shank, a Setscrew has thread all the way to under the head.

The correct way to measure a Bolt and or Setscrew is to measure the item from under the head to the last thread.
Bolts and Setscrews are available in Metric and Imperial thread, our stock on Imperial includes UNC, BSW and UNF.


With our impressive range of nuts in stock, you'll be Nuts to shop anywhere else!
We carry Metric and Imperial nuts in High Tensile, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Brass.
We stock Nylock nuts, 1/2 Nuts, Clevelock nuts, Dome nuts, Wing nuts, Flange nuts and Cage nuts.


Whether it's a Flat, Spring, Bonded, Star or Fender washer you are looking for, look no further, we stock it all!
We'll cater for you washers needs in Brass, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel Galv and Copper.


Scroos is the proud agent for Gedore, King Tony, Raco, Stanley, Wera and Lukas!

We stock:

  • Spanners:
    • Metric & Imperial
    • Ratchet Spanners
    • Ring/Flat
    • Flat/Flat
    • C-Shape

  • Sockets:
    • Impact
    • Standard
    • Allen Key
    • Torx

Our shelves are lined with Pipe Wrenches, Shifting spanners, Vice Grips, Screwdrivers, Oil wrenches, T-bar Allen keys, Allen Key Sets, Ball Type Allen Keys.

Our drills include HSS, Masonry and SDS Drills. We source the drill you want!

Scroos also has Circlip pliers, Hacksaws & blades, files galore, come browse through our shop and see for yourself, we will help you find that exact tool for your application.

Wether it's a Cutting, Grinding or serated blade you're looking for - you guessed it - we have it! And for those small applications don't forget we stock Mounted points, sanding discs, Flap discs and Emery rolls.


If it's Soluble oil, Prepsol, or Tapmatic you need we have it in stock!


  • 25kg
  • 5kg
  • 3kg
  • 500g


  • 5litre
  • 500ml
  • 50ml

Reinol BH-38

  • 25litre
  • 5litre
  • 1litre
  • Soapies
  • Gleamol


  • 25litre
  • 5litre
  • 500ml

We also stock Q-Bond, Silicon, Pratley, Marking Blue, Copper compound, Spark, Spraypaint, Q20, Cutting paste, Gasket maker, Silicon Spray and FEW spray.


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Tel: 012 327 0037 /8 /9
Fax: 086 619 4261
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